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Welcome Letter from the Superintendent 

Welcome to the Superintendent's page.

Shonto Preparatory School welcomes your student to our campus for SY 17-18. Our wish is for all students to have an excellent and productive year. It takes all of us to make the school year successful and enjoyable. Students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrative staff all have a supporting role in ensuring success. We all must do our part in providing an effective learning environment.

I would like for students and parents to bring any legitimate concerns to the school. What I do request is for all to follow the chain of command. It is not advised to come directly to the superintendent or the school board without attempting to resolve issues at the lowest level. I recommend that only if the issue is not addressed in an adequate manner at the lowest level will the superintendent hear concerns. One must understand that I have the least amount of information and those at the department or school level have the most information to address your concern and will be able to assist you most effectively.

I also request students/parents and staff refer to the school handbooks for reference. This may answer all your questions and assist you in preparing to meet with staff.

For SY 17 18 I have made it a point to stress all staff to offer positive support to students/parents and staff. We must all consider the background we all have and how it influences our interaction and reaction to situations involving students/parents and staff. We would like to have empathy, be able to listen carefully, and embrace the diversity our community has. Our responsibility is so great in the preparation of our children for the future. We must never take anything lightly and we must all stress that education is essential for success. We must model appropriate behavior and set the highest standard for ourselves and our students.

Please review the handbook and keep the school calendar readily available. There is much activity occurring in school and we would like to have maximum participation from all.


Lemual B. Adson

Phone: 928-672-3525


Cassandra Burtel
Executive Secretary to the Superintendent
Phone: 928-672-3526
Fax: 928-672-3507